Archie at puppy school 

Sheba  watching the ducksMini with jack on a relaxed stroll  German Shepard lovepyrenees lovesdeano and leah lovebaby Roise on our first met young Archie looking for his fill kongArchie ready for bed on his first night of me dog sitting him.

Archie feeling relaxed on one of his walks with sheba

holly feeling tired after her walk.holly and her sister bella having  a play datealfie and besty relaxing after there walks

     its  my  ball

hello ducksn should I smile?   sleepy after her walkI sure I just seen something? well let me go and check it out.

the back scratch is so smoothing what was that? something moved ?

aww this walk in the sun is the life nope we not looking at camera should we go that way? no, that way better.

what was that?

first walk with this old girl
oh hello there stick out tongue  smile good enough? beautiful pugs where that ball go?

Ready for there walk

Gorgeous dals on there walk

Ted and Corbi watching for squirrels


me chilling with jack

having fusses gorgeous George.   finders keepers 

no do not want to say cheese.let me tell you a secret

one sleeping beauty where mommy and daddy today?