Doggy Socials

Do you have a puppy who you would like to gain social skills?

Do you have an older dog who you feel would benefit making some doggy friends?

Look no further! Riches Pets & Dog Walking services, we cater for group walks throughout the week, this involves a wide range of breeds & ages. We also hold a Doggy Social event on a Saturday morning, where owners can also participate.

However, Riches Pets & Dog Walking Services understand that not everybody would be able to attend with their Dogs, so if this is the case but you still feel that your dog would benefit from gaining social skills or a little social life with other dogs. Riches Pets & Dog Walking Services are more than happy to collect your dog and take them to the social event and bring them home.

During Doggy Socials we have a group walk, either on or off the lead, whichever you prefer, we play a nice game of fetch with tennis balls.