Dog Walking including evenings in the summer times

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Are you not able to walk your own dog due to a busy schedule and worried that your dog is not getting enough stimulation and exercise?

Then my dog walking service offers a stress free solution. I am able to collect your dog and exercise them for 30 minutes to an hour. To planning where to take your dog over the local open spaces in parks or even street walks.

Your dog will be walked on the lead for the entire duration of the walk however if your dog is sociable and good with recalls, with your permission we will perform a recall test to get your dog used to my voice and is also good with recalls. Once this has been completed successfully then I am more then happy to walk your dog off the lead.

Waste bags will be provided by myself and also treats will be provided and used on walks if given permission or can provide your own treats if you wish or use for training purposes.

I do group walks, but can provide 1-2-1 walks if its really essential that your dog requires it for their own welfare. For example if your dog is socially anxious around other dogs and causes stress on itself or other dogs. I am happy to give your dog that 1-2-1 attention.

I now also provide weekday evening walks April to September, which will only take place on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday. 

Water will be provided for your dog if needed during the walk. During the winter months when your dogs are wet and muddy. I carry towels so I can wipe them down the best way I can providing your dog allows it with out getting too stressed. I also have a portable sprayer to clean down any dirty paws, again providing your dog allows it.

For more information on my dog walking service. Then please feel free to contact me via the website page.